"The whole point of collecting is the thrill of acquisition, which must be maximized, and maintained at all costs." - John Baxter

About me:

My name is Edoardo Flores, I'm a retired international civil servant from Italy who has travelled extensively for many years. When I picked up my first DND sign as a souvenir from a business trip to Pakistan I had no idea that this would one day become an addicting hobby and a lifetime passion. In just over 20 years, and thanks to many supporters, I have built up what today is the largest collection of its kind in the world.

Half of the fun of collecting is sharing your passion with others, whether they are themselves collectors or simply curious to learn about a new hobby. The purpose of this website is to give visibility to this rather unusual hobby and to show off my collection of DND signs with over 20,000 pieces from more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

About the hobby:

DND signs are undoubtedly a novelty to many and there are only a handful of known collectors worldwide who attach a special value to these items. Being a rather unusual hobby there's been a lot of interest by the media and a number of articles have been published in various countries around the world, both in print and on the web. Here are just a few (click below): 
My collection was displayed in three exhibitions, one in Italy, one in Dubai and another in the Netherlands. It was also featured on two TV programmes in Germany and Italy and a radio programme in Italy.