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My name is Edoardo Flores, I'm a retired international civil servant from Italy who has traveled extensively for many years. I started this collection quite by chance with a "do not disturb" sign taken as a souvenir from a hotel in Pakistan. One souvenir led to another and it soon became an addicting hobby. My collection now counts over 12.000 signs from over 190 countries worldwide, and it's growing steadily.

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About my collection

Half of the fun of collecting is sharing your passion with others, whether they are collectors or simply people curious to learn more about a new collection. The aim of my website is to help spread the message about this little known hobby.

Do not disturb” signs are undoubtedly a novelty to many and there are only a handful of known collectors worldwide who attach a special value to these items. Being a rather unusual hobby there's been a lot of interest by the media and a number of articles about my collection have been published in various countries around the world, both in print and on the web, including the prestigious Washington Post.

The collection was displayed in three exhibitions, one in Italy, one in Dubai and another in the Netherlands. It was also featured on two TV programmes in Germany and Italy and a radio programme in Italy.



There isn't a great deal written about this particular hobby. The absence of information or catalogues makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to learn more on the origin and history of these signs. The publications listed below give some information about "do not disturb" signs. Any information on additional references would be much appreciated.





In Flagrante Collecto: caught in the act of collecting. (Chapter 10, page 154). Marilynn Gelfman Karp. Abrams, New York, 2006.

This lovingly assembled volume is a fascinating compendium of material culture as told by an incredible array of objects.




Monograph: Do Not Disturb. Michael Lebovitz. November 2008. Monthly publication from Creative Review.

A collection of door hangers from hotels around the world accrued by James Goodsell during a career spent working for the US government. (sold out)







DO NOT DISTURB. Hotel Graphics & Branding. Promopress - Sandu Publishing Co., Ltd. Barcelona, 2014. 
The book provides a selection of the most impressive graphic design innovations in hotel branding from around the globe.

Do Not Disturb Signs. Helena de la Guardia. Blurb Bookstore, March 4, 2010.  

Photographs of a collection of "Do not Disturb" signs, vintage and new.



If this sign's a-hangin' don't come a-bangin': 36 Ways to Say Do Not Disturb.
A board book by Potter Style, 2010.






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